Betty Ann McGuire

October 10, 1932 - December 8, 2018

Burial Date

Posted by:
Tammy Busby

Posted on:
December 9, 2018

Aunt betty ,ur going to be greatly missed ,ur not in ain anymore ,fly my angel,love u always ??????

Posted by:
Debbie Terwilliger

Posted on:
December 8, 2018

??????My heart goes out to you and the family. What you and the family are going through right now is painful. Jesus also feels the pain. John 11:33-35. Jesus will do more than just feel sorry for you and the family he will bring the so loved one back to life here on earth to live forever by means of the Kingdom in the Lord's Prayer. Acts 24:15; John 11:43,44; Psalm 37:11,29; Matthew 6:9,10. Jesus as King of God's Kingdom will get rid wars, fears, sickness, sorrow, death, tears, outcry and pain. Micah 4:3,4; Revelation 21:4,5. What Jesus did on earth was a small part of what he will do in God's Kingdom. Matthew 15:30,31; 6:9,10. I love to give comfort here's my email so you and the family can get more comfort